Knitted fabric consists of consecutive rows of loops called stitches. As each row progresses a new loop is pulled through an existing loop. The active stitches are held on a needle until another loop can be passed through them.


The seaming process is achieved after a training period using ROSSO automatic machines that 
seam the toes of the socks, cut the waste, unfold and fold them back, count and put them into boxes.

Bleach and Dye

Bleaching and dyeing process are done following a tested and sampled formula which is previously approved by the Research & Development Department.

New products are developed sampling on Laundrometer and then on sample tub, before production runs.  The process and formula are documented and controlled.  Our Lab has capacity for developing any type of dyes.  We can bleach over 300K pounds a week, as required.
Our WWTP reduces the risk of pollution to the environment due to the waste water coming from the Bleach & Dye Process. 


Boarding and Pairing

This boarding process gives the socks a permanent press for the employees to pair them before bagging and packaging.


Depending on the Client’s requirements, the finishing process will cover:

  • Tacking
  • Banding
  • Bagging
  • Packaging
Bar coding and standardization are inventory practices that help us be precise on our customers garments.


Toys Assembly

Our state of the art production area assures accuracy and flexibility to our customers requirements. The most common and popular intelligence toys of the world pass through our sorting process.
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