Our company

In Alert Manufacturing, Inc
., begins its operations in July 2004, dedicated to the finishing of sport socks. Inalert Organization managed Checkpoint Systems Inc. operations for over 18 years approximately. We were born from the close down operations of Checkpoint Systems, Inc. in La Vega, Dominican Republic, dedicated to the manufacturing of electronic systems.

Lead by the highest ethical values, always ahead in our operations, we started finishing sports socks. Our clients have trusted us their brands since the opening of the company to be able to succeed in a global competing market.  Our actual installed capacity for finishing socks is over 100K dz/week.

Based on more than 18 years of experience, we developed our own brand for anti-theft hard tags Now we are able to supply the most exigent global market and have capacity for supplying over 25 millions anti theft hard tags a year.

That is why Inalert decided to have several world class third party firms evaluating and certifying our operations, and so we did. We are a WRAP and Wal-Mart certified company, and will shortly be C-TPAT and ISO-9001 certified.

Our staff, supports the operations of both divisions: sports socks and anti-theft hard tags, making the organization as flexible as the market requires.

We offer the most competitive price of the region assosiated to volume.


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