world wide certification

In Alert Manufacturing, Inc., is certified under different aspects of the world wide industry.

Regarding to Quality and Ethical Values is certified by the Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP) and Wal-Mart, and is in process of being certified by the International Standard Organization (ISO).

Regarding to Security, will promtly be certified by the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC) and C-TPAT.

Trade Certifications

We are a DR-CAFTA certified country since 2007.
One of the most significant benefits is that we can make knitting 100% duty free.
The rules of origin are only defined for some countries.  This certification covers and expands the benefits of other agreements the Dominican Republic had before:  CBPTA, SGP, CBI, CBERA.

Our business agreement EU-ACP, COTONOU AGREEMENT, establishes a new organization between The Caribbean and Europe relationships regarding to commercial, financial and political cooperation and as support for programming methodology.
It makes the Caribbean and The European Union partners in the industry business.

These certifications endorse  In Alert Manufacturing, Inc. as a high competitive enterprise regarding to quality, safety, security and consistency in our operations. 




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