Our Staff
The members of In Alert Manufacturing board of managers bring broad experience of corporate governance and issue-specific knowledge to help manage company’s global growth.
Five managers lead the whole manufacturing process, experts in worldwide logistics, global trade, corporate governance, trade and regulatory affairs.  Planning, Finance, Production, Quality, and Maintenance Managers have the experience and knowledge to help manage the company’s global growth.

We have consciously built a culture of integrity.  All employees have the passion of doing their best as part of a team of the people comprising In Alert Manufacturing, Inc. personnel.

Santiago Morales C.
In Alert Manufacturing, Inc.

Mr. Santiago Morales founded In Alert Manufacturing by July 2004 producing sports socks manually for Robin Lynn Mills in Alabama.  His team achieved a full automated system in most of the process for finishing socks.  This made In Alert capable of producing over 100 thousand dozens socks per week today, and able to grow rapidly by demand up half a million dozens a week.  In 1987 Checkpoint Systems operations were opened and managed by this team in the Caribbean, lead by Mr. Santiago Morales as General Manager.  This important challenge gave Checkpoint a consistent growth by reducing cost and improving quality constantly. 

Years before, Morales served as a Manager for over 15 years in the manufacturing of Electronic Devices as electrolyte capacitors, resistors, IC, PCB and other assemblies for North American Philips Co. and TII in the Dominican Republic. 
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